Websites for Grades 4-5

The following list contains some of my favorite websites (for reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary practice).

This website provides a large variety of resources for parents and students including reading strategies and ideas, interactive games and activities, and a book search feature.

To reinforce vocabulary skills, this website provides many interactive games relating to a variety of concepts.

Book Adventure
Students can visit this website to find “just right” books to read.

PBS Kids
This website contains games, stories, and video clips for students as well as resources for parents.

Read, Write, Think
This website offers several resources for parents regarding ideas, games, printouts, and tips according to grade level. Many different topics are addressed.

Spelling City
Interactive learning games related to spelling, word meaning, and writing practice can be found by visiting this website.

Storyline Online

Stories are read aloud by Screen Actors Guild members on this website.  Students can hear the words while they are viewing them.

Kids Know It Network
This website contains links to educational games and activities.  The featured activity section changes frequently!

Reading is Fundamental
Kids can create a free account and keep track of everything they do on this website.  The Game Station allows students to play games related to reading.  The Book Zone lets them create their own personal book list, listen to stories, or learn more about their favorite authors.

Time for Kids
This is a great website for nonfiction reading.  Kids have access to the latest news, and it’s all kid-friendly.  Most articles are accompanied by a picture or two so that they can visualize what is happening in the story.

Quizlet is a site created by a student.  You can create a free account and make your own flashcards/quizzes about the vocabulary you would like to practice.

We Give Books
Once you create a username, you will have access to many free online books.